Saturday, December 13, 2003

Iraq Problem

Still Fixing Iraq

It ruined my day. It broke my heart. No single person or dead president has
ever had as much propaganda/attention as Saddam Hussein's capture received
in today's paper. It solidified my belief again that there is no people's voice in
our media. Page after page of "special reporting" proclaiming stability has finally
settled upon the Bush payroll is all I read. Reelection is certain. May Boeing
and Lockheed Martin execs sleep well tonight just as they have been since
March knowing that 4 billion aviation relief tax dollars will line their pockets
instead of the taxed dollars.

Never mind that now, with certainty, there will be another country propped up
with a US tax dollar endorsed dictator whom will never have the voice of the
people he will "democratically" represent. Never mind, that education and
healthcare will continue to suffer in our country along with lower and middle
classes that struggle to find rent.

It was one man simply trying to hang onto his country's one very valuable
resource at any cost, even hiding in the dirt, bearded and ragged. That's more
of a man in my eyes than those whom lie everyday to an entire nation that
raised them. A country content in its ignorance knowing full well the truth
would be more than they care to handle. Like the spouse watching their
significant come home from somewhere they don't want to know about and
smiling. Stomaching the lies.

Our lack of sincerity and concern has become contagious and infectious spoiling
a country of once dreamers and revolutionaries into blind eyed workaholics that
forgot why they were living. We are living in that part of mankinds history that
never received its due recognition in the history book so enjoy it. It's titled the
collapse of a nation. You'll be able to tell your grandkids about it.

Sure it's just Saddam Hussein, another political scapegoat, and I'm overreacting
and undereducated about the whole thing but if you can say you've been
supportive of over 50% of every word our country's elected officials have
stated since the announcement of this war in March, I will stand corrected and I
will sleep alone with this guilt that once again, I am ruining another 20 million
peoples lives with my silence.

And I'll sit back and see who's the next Pinochet, the next Noriega, the next
hundred Cold War puppets that temporarily held up Ethiopia, Somalia,
Nicaragua, and handfuls of other struggling and populated countries to support the upper class of the United States. I'll get out my copy of 1984 and Animal
Farm and the Washington Post and enjoy the show praying there will be
another whom may not be an exemplary man, but one strong enough to fight
tooth and nail, digging in the dirt to stand up against my government.

That takes sincerity. Over $100 Billion in sincerity. Something, we are lacking.